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Wednesday, 20 January 2010

What are you doing Sunday baby?

I just saw this video on nmeTV and had to post it, I love Lightspeed Champion so much! I saw him (with Alexa Chung actually...) at T4 on the Beach two years ago and have loved him ever since. Just look at those hats! I guess this song is quite different from his older stuff, much more varied in terms of instruments and just generally poppier but I'm still quite excited about his new album. It's on my list of pre-orders now, along with Marina and the Diamonds, Los Campesinos! and Laura Marling

Anyways, before I pop off to bed I just wanted to let you know after I wrote my last post, the lovely people at sent me a £40 Topshop giftcard! Now I just need to decide what to spend it on, there's been so much lovely spring stock in recently no? I am going into Plymouth on Saturday though so I'm pretty sure I'll have spent it by then haha! Have a lovely rest of week everyone! x


  1. Excellent song! And I also have Laura Marling on my preorder list...I absolutely love her.


  2. i love marina and the diamonds, and i saw los campesinos at glastonbury a few years ago they were amazing live! oooh im sure you can find something to spend that voucher on in the plymouth topshop it sure is big enough :) xx

  3. Los Campesinos! Laura Marling! Lightspeed Champion! Your taste in music is wonderful. And your blog name proves your awesomeness even more.

  4. i met Dev in 2007 he was soo lovely, you have every right to love him x

  5. Great song! That's so cool they sent you a gift card. Have fun picking something out. Can't wait to see what you get.

  6. £40! wowwwwwwweeeee.
    btw- i changed my blog name, so is it ok if you update the link on your sidebar? sorry if its hassle :(


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