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Tuesday, 21 July 2009

I'll do graffiti, if you sing to me in french

Despite the HIDEOUS weather on Sunday, T4 on the beach was amazing! The best act was definitely Dizzee Rascal, followed by Basement Jaxx and Gossip, they were both really great. I was really looking forward to Calvin Harris, but it seemed like there was some sort of technical problem or something, so it just wasn't LOUD enough. Florence and the Machine was absolutely incredible, but I think she would have been a whole lot better had she played the smaller stage, you know? Other than that, I managed to see rather a lot of artists, including Little Boots, Frankmusik, Paloma Faith, and, er Peter Andre. He just appeared on stage at one point, which was rather odd!



  1. oh, your photos are wicked babes. my faves are the first, fourth and fifth ones - i love it!!! don't you just LOVE thatt festival vibe??? how did your outfit hold up in our Great british Weather?

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  2. Love Florence- she's A-mazing. Shame about the weather- at least you had a good day tho x

  3. ooooh i wanted to go, but me and my friend are going next year. maybe we should like meet. bloggers meet how cool would that be.
    anyhows. yeah they emailed me too.
    you best not nick anything from my beautiful post ;)
    took me ages haha.
    have a lovely summer :D xxxx

  4. lucky it looked fun i saw some of it on tv
    peter andres new single was terrible!lol xx

  5. Great shots! I love Gossip and Little Boots! It looks like you had quite a lovely time : )

    I am in love with the last photograph. It's perfect.

  6. Wow, that beach looks beautiful! I adore Florence and The Machine, she exudes this sort of mythical air, with her floarty voice and angel like dresses, bliss...

  7. we could so make a bloggers meet happen haha.
    thankyou for the comment on my blog xoxo

  8. looks fun! my sister was there hehe

  9. That looks like it was alot of fun! I really wanted to go, just to see Florence and the Machine (: I think she's completely amazing!Her voice, her dress sense. whats not to like? Oh, and if you like her, try Marina and the Diamonds. (I might have already said this, but I'm not sure!) Out of interest, do you like Regina Spektor?
    The last pic is great.

  10. Go ahead and do 6 things! I will be sure to tag you in the future now that I know you are a willing participant : )

  11. the barcelets on the pictures are nice :)

  12. This sounds really cool. I love the picture of the hand with the bracelets. Very vivid!

  13. frankmusik!
    gossip were playing at latitude at the same time as nick cave and the bad seeds so i missed beth ditto. i know, i'm not sure why i chose nick cave either.
    p.s. the last photograph is really good

  14. Its fine! Yeah, I discovered Regina Spektor about a month ago and really loved her music. So unique! I would describe Marina and the Diamonds (its just a singer, apparently her listeners are the "diamonds") as a less well known version of Florence Welch. Similiar style, and just as powerful voice..

  15. love the blog!
    keep it up
    we will be back for more xxx

  16. great pics..<3


  17. I was there!
    The weather was horrific, but it was brilliant nonetheless.
    I missed Florence & The Machine as The Maccabees were playing on the smaller stage at the same time.. I was so annoyed haha.
    She should've played the T4 music stage!
    I hope you had a lovely time.
    I'll put some of my own photos up soon.


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