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Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Dear catastrophe waitress

Today was my first day back, and I have to say it went pretty well... I'm a mentor for the new year sevens, which basically means I have to take them to all their lessons, thus spending minimal amounts of time in my own. It's pretty fun actually, they make me laugh.

New H&M top, nice cup of coffee. I'm in a really good mood. Anyways, for all of you going back to school/college/uni this week I hope it's not too bad! x


PS. I realise this probably failed to keep you entertained, so here is a nice little link I found yesterday. Enjoy!


  1. ahh belle and seb are always great for a title

  2. My week has been stressful, but it's almost over so I'll survive.

    You looked so adorable in your photo in the last post. The dress, your hair, everything!

    I've given you an award on my blog!

  3. hehe the photo is funny ;D thank you for your comment x

  4. My week has been pretty cool, but no school for me :)

  5. Check my new blog out=

  6. Hope the first week is going well! School seems such a long time ago for me...

  7. My week has been pretty good overall :) I like your blog! Enjoy school :)

    xox, mavi

  8. i can't see your photo :( ahh how i miss school and the routine of it!

  9. Yay glad you're enjoying being back at school. I still have 3 weeks before my university starts up again, but totally looking forward to it! Hope you're having a beautiful day dear :)

  10. Too bad about school starting. I hope you're actually enjoying it :)

  11. belle and sebastian :) i really like your blog!


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