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Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Stop me if you think that you've heard this one before

I'm sorry I haven't written in forever, life's been so busy recently! For two weeks I hosted a Spanish student (which was great fun, by the way) and since then I seem to have had TONS of schoolwork and stuff to do so yeah, not had a lot of time for blogging! On the plus side, after having a bit of a break now it seems like for once I've actually got lots and lots of things in my head to write about, with all the major fashion weeks and everythingggg (: However right now doesn't seem like the best time to start writing... I promise I'll be back with a proper fashion week post before this week's ended though!



  1. My family once had a Japanese student come stay with us and it was such a great experience. You will have to give us the details! I have been absent from blogging lately as well but I'm back with a vengeance : )

  2. That's really neat. I would love to host a student someday.



  3. That is so cool ! I Always wanted to host a foreign exchange student. It would make for some great times, I think.


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