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Sunday, 4 October 2009


Finally, an actual post about London Fashion Week! This is probably the weirdest selection of designers ever, but here are just a couple of shows that caught my eye (it's probably best to click on the pictures to make them bigger)...

LUELLA. I didn't think this was quite as good as their last few collections, but still gorgeous. All the heart shapes, polka dots, bows... And Alexa Chung has worn that last dress already!

LOUISE GRAY. New to LFW I believe, but definitely 'one to watch'. It's all so fun and colourful, and that first dress is just epic!

CHRISTOPHER KANE. Definitely really different to Luella and Louise Gray, but still amazing. The gingham and lace and everything together; beautiful yet dark at the same time.

Of course that's only three, a few more favourites were Erdem, Clements Ribeiro and Vivienne Westwood (: I have quite a few ideas for future posts so keep checking back! x


  1. its actually my first time seeing luella's collection and it's a pretty adorable designer! i just love how she mixed bright kiddy colours, bows and polka dots in the collection. And Louis Gray collection looks amazing, the pieces are so detailed and creative
    i love your online fish tank LOL!

  2. thank you for your comment honey :) and i'm at college now doing business, maths, physcology, media and spanish :)
    I loveddd Luellas collection too - but I agree it wasn't as good as her previous ones. xx

  3. I'm a Luella fan and I totally agree with you, I expected more from her, but still got to love her. Oh, Vivienne Westwood was incredible, and Christoper Kane too! I loved his interview on Elle UK october issue! London's FL was the best! :)
    Sincerely Louie, Ciao!

  4. The Louise Gray dresses are incredible...I love your blog; it's really lovely.

    I've add you to my links-

  5. Great blog!!! I love the gray dress with the black polka dots. It is gorgeous. :)

  6. i really like your blog :)



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