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Friday, 16 October 2009

Met a girl, thought she was the bee's knees

Saw this BEAUTIFUL Teen Vogue editorial on Amelia's blog earlier, and just knew I had to post it. I know Teen Vogue always do adorable couple shoots, but I think this has been my favourite yet. Hopefully I'll be able to get my hands on a copy tomorrow when I'm in Exeter. What are you all up to this weekend? Also, before I hop off to bed, just wanted to say hi and thanks to all my new followers! Not including bloglovin', I have 80 now(: x


  1. thank you for your comment, maybe i will do tutorial on bow hair :)
    i love these editorials you know because the clothes are wearable and they are so cute together!

  2. I got the new TV and this was my favorite editorial inside it.

  3. omg you have a link with a thai school?!! so lucky!! i wish my college would organize a trip to thailand lol

  4. teen vogue is sometimes a little hit or miss for me, but this I really like

  5. wow, pretty! I love the one in the boat and the last one <3

  6. i think theyre square but i think it might just be the camera because i have started using a different one :)

    I am getting my hiar cut in half term :) yay haha its annying now. I actually thought your hair was long :)

  7. hi kate!
    i don't think i've commented on a blog post of yours in a while for some reason.
    so i shall leave you a lovely large comment for you to read! :)
    first of all, you know when people post about teen vogue editorials, you can tell its a teen vogue editorial only by looking at the photos?
    (i love teen vogue editorials btw!)
    i love how romantic this editorial is too!
    and i've just noticed those pretend fish swimming about at the bottom of the page ahah :)
    i love your blogger profile picture too. your hair looks dead nice and you look really pretty!
    thankyou for the comment on my blog too.
    this week i was sent my first thing from blogging in the post, (that dress) it was amazing to know i'm getting things from doing something i love :)
    my hair is naturally like that. and i've always straightened it because people used to bully me for my natural hair, but just recently i think that you should be you. and not care about what anyone else thinks about you. (that includes my hair) and i've had some nice comments to about my hair curly :) i may ditch the straighteners for a while...
    anyways, have you had a good weekend?
    p.s end of a very long comment :)

  8. teen vogue photoshoots are seroiusly come of the best

    so romantic and fun

    this shoot makes me wanna go up north and relax ona canoe

  9. hey kate :)
    thankyou for the comment! :)
    i love writing huge comments on blog i love :)
    yes it was from covertcandy. :) i altered the dress a bit too :) yeaah i'm getting these amazing emails. asking for advertisements on my blog. i just hope they keep on coming!
    all the money i earn from my blog is going to my trip to iceland with school next march. :)
    what year are you in? year 11 sucks it really does! all this coursework makes me want to cry.
    :( yeah i have been bullied for years, especially when i moved house, everyone in my school is white, appart from like 10 people. and has poker straight hair, so i've always straightened it to try and fit in. but i'm fed up of damaging my hair. i like my curls :)
    yeah my weekends been full of coursework!
    half term soon though :)
    time to kick in with the resits revision. 8-|
    you had a good day?

  10. Cool photos indeed! =D And thanks for sharing them to us. And hey! Count me in on your followers. =D

    A Writers Den
    Brown Mestizo

  11. i have this on my fashion blog too!
    it is an amazing shoot :) i love this kind of style, especially for autumn
    my blogs only just started up, and is a bit shitty because i dont have my camera sorted yet
    but ill give you my blog name anyway :)

  12. I love this photoshoot sooo much, its so cute!

  13. I love this editorial, makes me want to go camping... with a cute boy in tow of course.


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