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Monday, 26 October 2009

Cross the road hold my hands

So maybe this a little belated seeing as it is Monday now, but on Friday I went to see Bloc Party!

The support band, Grammatics, who in truth I was sort of looking forward to seeing, turned out to be awful; although they had a cellist(!) not one of their songs had anything resembling a tune. But Bloc Party themselves were actually incredible. Kele looked absolutely gorgeous and every song (including some of the newer ones I've always said I didn't like) they played was awesome. Flux for one was absolutely MAGICAL. It was pretty packed and very sweaty and and there were people passing out all around me, but still I'd do anything to see them again!

I didn't take my camera on the night (the photo above was kindly donated by my good friend Lewis) and I forgot to take any pictures before I went but basically I wore my Topshop dress I blogged about before, with purple tights and plainish black flats that proved to be pretty good for dancing hahaa(:



  1. Love Bloc Party! Ahhh wish I could see them. Sorry about the opening band though, that is no fun.


  2. I'd never heard of bloc party before I discovered one of their songs about an hour ago, and I keep on playing it! haha...glad you enjoyed the concert :) xx

  3. aaaaaah kate i'm jealous.
    a load of people from my school went to see bloc party thee other day. they are amazing,
    what is your favourite song?
    and yes i'm fine thankyou how are you?
    and (yes okay too many and's but oh well) answer every interesting email you get. i've made money for iceland, i've got a topshop voucher and i'm getting sent a cardigan in thee post. aaah :D
    and yes about the adverts. (CHECK out my one from next, isn't it amazing they contacted me, aaah!)
    you know on your layout thing, add a box which is for html codes, and paste the html code into it :)
    firstly when you agree to the advertising, ask for the html code for the link or banner lol :)
    happy halloween by the way :)
    hope you have a good saturday!

  4. my favourite is hunting for witches :)
    aand nooo get well soon!
    nope all through email, i hate google ads :)
    look at us, supposed to be revising and stuff and we are on here at 1 in the morning.
    i suppose blogging is addictive, i wish school was!
    aaah i know, it was the highlight of my wednesday, appart from going to ikea and buying bookcases to put my magazine museum in.
    aah i have too many :)
    i love magazines a bit too much though.
    and yes yes yes you too, hope you enjoy halloween and sunday.
    i have monday too, go inset days ahaa.
    have you got a load of open evenings to go to this month?
    and are you going to clothes show liveey? :)

  5. why yes i do have facebook, i'll email it to you :)
    yes i'm addicted to elle, being a subscriber and all, best magazines ever! :)
    yeaah thats what i meant you know the sixth form stuff haha :)
    what alevels do you want to take?

  6. I've seen Bloc Party twice now, both times they were amaaaaaazing!

    Love your blog as well, lots of lovely photos :)



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