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Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Remember cuddles in the kitchen yeah, to get things off the ground

I spent the weekend with my boyfriend and my two best friends (separately, not all together), which was lovely, and so far this weeks been gooood. I'm definitely going back to Thailand now, in February next year! The flights are all booked up and everything; I'm actually so excited I could burst. Also I now have my ticket, and dress for Bloc Party. It's this one, though I promise I'll post some pictures soon...

Why does Urban Outfitters have to be so expensive? And why do they have to bring out such nice new stuff just as I have money, and have to save it? x

P.S Can't decide whether I love or hate this. Thoughts?


  1. I love the Artic Monkeys lyric title : D Thailand? I am jealous!

    I don't even have money to save let alone shop : ( The woes of the young being educated.

  2. i quite like youve got the llovr, only some annoying girl keeps on singing it during my art lessons. This combined with 'Florence and the machine goes to charity shops cuase they have better vintage' coming out of her mouth whilst shes wearing no vintage sought hard fashionable items
    bitter, me?lol

  3. LOVE IT!! it's definately my fave florence song :) listen to it a few times and it will grow!! xxxx

  4. i agree about urban outfitters! it's so ridiculously expensive yet so fabulous i spend my money anyways. ps i have added you to my blog roll because i loveee your blog!


  5. Hi:) i just came across your blog and it made me smile! lol my friend has been singing mardy bum to me all week :P and introducing me to bloc party! haha also I love Thailand! My mum is from there hehe :) cool blog



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