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Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Put on my radiation suit and slip away

How was your Christmas? Mine was really good, and I got loads of lovely presents, including jeans and a top from Topshop, a gorgeous black leather bag from Urban Outfitters, various bits and bobs for Thailand, Benefit makeup, a few really good albums (which I'll probably post about soon!) and the pink headphones I posted about before (:

Today with some of my money I hit the sales! I have to say I do rather like the idea of sales, though when it comes to it I always fail and end up going back to the newer expensive stock haha! I got a few little things in Accessorize, some shoes in New Look and this in Topshop...

Crop Top, £16

Skirt, £30 (It looks quite boring here but it's actually really nice!)

I also tried on this dress after gazing at it on the website a good few times, but it didn't fit properly. I was pretty upset actually as it's so lovely and would be perfect for Thailand! Oh well, more summer stuff will come out soon, and hopefully I should be able to get a job at some point!

I'm going to spend New Year in Cornwall with my boyfriend and some friends which I'm quite looking forward to, what are you up to? Happy New Year everyone! x


  1. Ahh, great finds!
    I love that crop top!!


  2. Good sale buys, i got a really nice long red cardigan in Topshop that was only £10.

    Have a great new years eve. Bring on 2010 i say :)

  3. Topshop is amazing, i agree :-)
    That crop top is lovely too,
    Panda x
    *follows you*

  4. Happy new year! I'm glad you found some nice stuff.

  5. sounds like wonderful gifts!
    happy new year.

  6. my friend has that crop top! its immnse, happy new year!

  7. i love topshop clothes, i wish there were topshop in my city

  8. i love that crop top!!

  9. Hiya there!
    These are such cute clothes, love the last one. Dresses are so great :-)
    Oh and thank you so much for your comment! I really appreciate it.
    Panda xx

  10. hey, just reading your blog! its really interesting :)
    its funny because that topshop dress you put the link to, i tried that on in the shop too, but it seemed to not fit was quite short at the front, but longer at the back, but i thought maybe thats just how the dress is lol :) that striped top is nice too!


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