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Friday, 2 April 2010

Goodbye England

Chloë Sevigny for Harper's Bazaar Russia, April 2010. She's gorgeous isn't she? I love the sepia shots so much! I'm a bit obsessed with all things to do with Alice in Wonderland at the moment too♥

Personally I found the film a little disappointing after all the hype, was kind of hoping it would be weirder! What did you all think? x


  1. ooh I love Chloe Sevigny, I mainly watch her one the show Big Love, it's actually pretty amazing how different she is in real life compared to the show

  2. i havent seen alice in wonderland, but ive heard mixed reviews - i just dont know whether i want to spend the tenner going to see it...

    i love chloe sevigny, shes absolutely stunning! looks like a fun photoshoot


  3. Agree with the plotline for Alice...but I did think the visuals were amazing. Soo....bit of both really!

  4. Chloe Sevigny is so fabulous - I adore her!

    I haven't seen "Alice in Wonderland" yet; but everyone I know said they didn't like it. :(

  5. lovely photos!!


  6. i love these photos ♥
    i really loved the movie, but i do agree i epected it to be a little crazier haha
    great blog
    x Kirra

  7. I do agree about the Alice in the wonderland. There's no twist. =( Or i am just expecting too much. ^_^

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  8. Oh, Chloe! She's just amazing.
    I haven't seen the film, I think I'm a bit of a traditionalist when it comes to Alice, I like the old copies of the book with Lewis Carroll's illustrations. I'm frightened the film will be disappointing!

  9. Love Chloe!! Shes amazing!
    And as to alice and wonderland i cannot make my judgement as to whether its worth seeing or not.

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  10. These are amazing photos!
    I haven't seen the new Alice film yet.

  11. I saw Alice in 3D which I think definitely helped it's case !!

  12. I just stumbled across your blog and I think this is just a lovely editorial. It's very quirky and fun (kind of like Alice in Wonderland)! I love your blog and will definitely become a follower of yours if you follow mine!

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  13. ugh chloe is so GOOD. she's actually a really great model. must be those acting skills.

  14. This is soo cool! I love the letters of her name and the crazy pink flowers. Alice in Wonderland is awesome!! :)

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