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Thursday, 19 February 2009

the air is so thick and opaque

Thanks everyone for those last few comments, made my day.

Haven't really had an interesting day today, went into Plymouth with my mum for a little bit of shopping and Starbucks, didn't spend much but I did manage to find some really awesome red skinnies in the kids section of H&M (sometimes I really enjoy being short), and I got some patent silver shoes - sort of like converse hi-tops - in Primark. I'm not really sure if I like them all that much, perhaps I'll post some pictures in the morning. If any, what sort of trainers/sneakers do you wear?

Otherwise, I haven't really done a lot today, since I've been home haven't really felt too good, so I apologise for the rather uninspiring post. I'll leave you with a mini-playlist, just of a few songs I've been listening to recently, to cheer me up.

Around the Bend - The Asteroids Galaxy Tour (yes, it is from the iPod ads)
The Cure - Close to Me
Modest Mouse - Float On
The Virgins - Rich Girls

Finally, talking of music, I should be going to see Bloc Party live in October, with one of my best friends, I'm so excited! P.S. The title of this post is from another song, anyone care to guess...? I think it's a really lovely line (:



  1. You should definitely post pictures of the shoes. I don't wear sneakers much, but I have a green pair with a tapestry-ish print that I really like.


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