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Wednesday, 25 February 2009

LFW 09

So, I admit I haven't really kept up to date with the autumn/winter shows, but today I finally got round to having a quick look on Doing battle with a very slow broadboad whilst still a three hour train ride away from London itself, and oh, still being in school, is not quite the same as being there, but I can wish. The pictures are probably best viewed a little larger, but here are just a few favourites. What were your favourite shows?

Firstly, the Erdem show. To be quite honest, I haven't really ever liked the designer before, but after seeing reports on both Afeitar and WishWishWish, I decided to check it out. The shape of those dresses is amazing, and I love the lace, the jewel colours and the florals, almost everything about the collection actually. And the buns!

I didn't really like it as much as last years A/W, but Luella didn't fail to impress either. In particular, I loved all the little military details - I think I'm slightly obsessed actually! Also the two grey dresses are lovely, really simple and I love them with the bags and boots, hopefully Topshop should make some similar come Autumn! AND PIXIE GELDOF!?

Right now, I'm off to watch Gossip Girl! xoxo


  1. Blah, not as fan of Pixie at all but the Luella show was still quite wonderful. I always love the CSM graduate show, have you had a look at it? x

  2. Yes, erdem is the best! the red telephone box is a little money box i put all my silver in and it also works as a handy bookend! yes, i'll glady exchange links chica x

  3. i love love love leulla! yeah sure i linked you :)

  4. I am so in love with Luella and equally in love with her A/W collection. i loved the military dresses too!

  5. you have such great taste.
    i love your picks from the collections!

  6. I think its difficult for anyone to dislike Luella :) xxx

  7. I love erdem , the prints are always so beautiful! and luella was great as always :)


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