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Monday, 2 March 2009

The sun will rise, even if you don't happen to be there

AOnce again sorry I am such a terrible blogger, haven't posted in almost a week now. I officially HATE maths exams! Anyway I was just going to ask what you thought of this, i.e. what I've been looking at whilst I should have been revising! For £25, I thought it was pretty cute! I wasn't sure if I could get a picture, so here's a link...

Finally here's another slice of Alexa Chung goodness for you, and just incase I haven't told you before... I LOVE GRIMMY!

Photo:Don't know, sorry!


  1. :) Yeah, I'm an orchestra kid myself. Cello, actually!

  2. I hate exams too- I love all their outfits!

  3. you know I've to repeat my math exam, what a so-so day. by the way, nice blog dear ;)



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