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Monday, 11 May 2009

Oh I hope that you'll understand

I'm going to see Lily Allen in November, oh yes oh yes oh yes.  Also have tickets for T4 on the Beach (better people WILL be announced, they will) and still probably going to Bloc Party, so right now I have quite a bit to look forward to. Oh and right now I'm listening to The Virgins album, I love them sooo much.

And I've just realised I now have thirty followers on here and bloglovin, thanks! x


  1. Hi dear!
    Thanks so much for your nice comment!
    Of course i'd like to exchange links with you. You have a very pretty blog! <3

    Have a great week,


  2. thirty follows!
    thats amazing.
    i have a grand total of 8
    if only my normal blog commenters were blog lovin fans!
    i love lilly to, did you here her on radio1 last night? xo

  3. she was fabulous
    go on iplayer to annie and grimmys show :]
    40 minute live set and she was on radio one for a bit.
    oh i thought you meant just blog lovin' oops my mistake haha! :]

  4. Lucky you! That's going to be something to look forward to!

    I haven't been to a concert in years.... I really should go.

  5. She's so cute. Have fun at the concert! (even if it's not for awhile)

  6. Thank you, animals are so beautiful!

  7. Lucky you, she's ace.
    My french went pretty well thaanks, coulda been better but still :) x

  8. hehe my sister is going to t4 on the beach, umm i bought some skirts but im not a fan anymore so im taking them back haha im such a fool :))

  9. I really like this song ! so refreshing !

  10. You are so lucky girl,and you really had a great blog here.that's why i can't help but to visit always your pretty blog.=) Hope to see more form you.Have a great day.=)

    A Writers Den

  11. She was amazing.=) Thanks for sharing this.Looking forward on your next post.=)

    Travel and Living

  12. oh wow, Bloc Party and Lilly Allen! you lucky thing, you. (:

  13. I've never seen this video but I like the dress she's wearing in it, very cute!

  14. Oooh lucky you!
    & I love the virgins :D great band!

  15. i just got your comment then.
    it relates to the name of your blog.
    pretty cool.
    have a lovely weekend :)

  16. ooh i went to T4 last year! it was so much fun :D

    & thank you so much for your comment! you should copy the '25 photos' thing, it was lots of fun :) x

  17. This comment has been removed by the author.

  18. Oooh, Just stumbled on your blog.
    You're so lucky! I wanted to go to T4 on the Beach! And I never really liked Lily Allen, but recently she's grown on me. And Bloc Party too? Jealuzzz.
    Millie ... x

    P.S, I'm not a caffeine addict, but I do love Lattes :)

  19. Im going to see Lily too! Hopefully! Ahhh I LOVEEEEE her :) xxxxxx


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