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Friday, 22 May 2009

She lives on disillusion road

I've loved Ali Michael since I first saw her on a Teen Vogue cover last year, which was one of the first (the fourth, to be precise) issues I bought (:

Now I'm on half term, so there shall be better posts and more pictures, hopefully! I think I might be going to Cornwall for a little bit with my cousins, and perhaps to a party or two, so I think it's going to be pretty good. Then again I do have chemistry, physics, art and music exams when I go back, ahh! You up to anything much over half term? x

photos:altamira, yes?

PS. I know I plug Rosie's blog rather often, but read this. It was hilarious at the time. You WILL laugh.

PPS. I just found out I won a Topshop necklace in a competition on the fabulous blog geisharock (: I'm not sure what it's like yet, but I've just sent  her all my details, super excited about the surprise now! I'd really like to do a giveaway, but I just don't know what to literally give away. Any ideas of what you'd like to see? And I was wondering what you want to see on this blog, just generally? Ideas please!


  1. She does seem pretty great. I hope she stays grounded--being so young and in the "biz."

  2. ME TOOO! I love Ali Michael. She seems so cheery despite her personal struggles!

  3. hey thankyou for looking at and liking my blog :-) i think yours is rather excellent! as for what i'd like to see, customisations are always good!

  4. I really like your blog!
    Your pictures especially (:

  5. hehe she looks so happy! I would be too if i had the clothes she wore


    collect your award !! you totally deserve it :)

  6. I LOVE Ali Michael!! Shes stunning.
    Well done on winning the giveaway!
    Half term finally! Its my birthday so im going to go to wales with my sister and we're having a party. Do you know alan davies from Jonathan creek? Im a teeny bit obsessed with him so we are having a jonathan creek themed party and we are all wearing wigs and stuff! Ha, should be interesting...
    Hope you have a good half term!

  7. aww she looks super fun! i think i like her too!

  8. she is so gorgeous and she always looks like she's having an amazing time.

  9. i agree with you.

    i also love razorlight, particulary that song (wire to wire)
    It would be mine

  10. looove ali michael, especially her style!


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