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Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Ten green bottles, sitting on the wall

Firstly thanks to everyone who has left comments recently, I really love reading them (: A few people seemed to think the girl in all the photos in my last post was me, but it wasn't - I was taking the pictures! It was Rosie, and if you want to see her blog click here! Anyways here is my new t-shirt, I love it. Sorry these pictures are pretty awful quality!

Top - Zara, Leggings - H&M.



  1. Love your new top! It's awesome. :)

    xo, Kate

  2. Cute shirt! I love the strong graphics.

  3. I love the top! Im obsessed with union jack tops at the moment, they're so british!
    Do you want to exchange links?

  4. OhMyGosh, that top is insanely awesome!!

  5. Um, I can't remember either :S.
    Harsh, with the nails!! I even paid to have my nails done once, and the chem. teacher didn't care!
    The song's 'Mariella' by Kate Nash. I definitely can't say the alphabet backwards. You're clever ;)

  6. Oh that was a gorgeous top.You look good on it.looking forward on your next post,have a great day.=)

    A Writers Den
    The Brown Mestizo

  7. You look gorgeous lovely :) PS. YOU WON A PRIZE IN MY GIVEAWAY! I decided to give away 3 things so a little topshop surprise will be winging its way over to you ASAP. Can you email your address that I should post to please? xoxo

  8. love love love your top :)
    its beautiful :)
    i'm doing grade 8 flute :L
    have a lovely weekend xx

  9. that shirt is perfect. i want it!!


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