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Sunday, 21 June 2009

I love Jack White like a little brother

If you want to know, my weekend has pretty much been going as planned and I guess now I'm about halfway through my book (:

All these pictures are from my new favourite streetstyle blog, the streethearts. There's just something about guys in glasses and trenchcoats, isn't there?

Ok so the last one isn't wearing glasses nor is he wearing a trenchcoat, but hey. He's cute and I loveee the braces! x



  1. The last man is so prefectly dressed. I can imagine him , in anumber of locations, strumming away with a beer completely relaxed, earning just enough to travel and sleep all throught he summer...

  2. i loooooove the last man!
    and that is saying something, as i cannot stand facial hair. =P

  3. i really like these :D
    can you blogroll me please??!?
    ty xXx

  4. LOVE your post title! that song is so good. and all these guys are adorable!

  5. Nice selection of trenches, and I'm totally with you on Jack White.

  6. i like the last man best, no i like them all equal :)

  7. thank you very much for your lovely comment, honey! :)
    ahhh the last guy made me weak at the knees!! I loveeeeee curly hair <3 haha.

  8. I'm lovin this site. So glad we finally have a neat steet style blog from Oslo!

    Cute blog u have here(:

  9. The Streethearts is definitely one of the best upcoming streeystyle sites. What an exquisite choice you made, I wish all guys dressed like this! The world would be a better place... ;)

  10. Thanks for commenting well basically they ask you questions about Pythagore and other mathematical geniuses and you have to explain how it all works. I find it pointless ^^

  11. I like the sunglasses of the guy on the first photo. Love to see more here.=D
    Looking forward on your next post.=D

    Travel and Living
    Job Hunter

  12. i love your blog title! that is so me too! these are some pretty cool looking guys! the last one is soo cute ;)

  13. All of these guys are so cute! I love your blog, especially the blog name - really cool. When you get a chance, come by my blog and maybe follow too :)

  14. oh my gosh. the hair on the second man... love it. x


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