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Friday, 5 June 2009

I told you to be patient, I told you to be fine

Happy weekend! Only one exam left now, rather happy atm (:

I know this is really a feeble excuse for a post, but it did make me laugh and I had to had to had to share it. Printed bags like this are so much nicer than t-shirts, no? I could do a pretty cool DIY one, if I could actually come up with something vaguely interesting/witty/relevant to write. Any ideas?

P.S. I've just become obsessed with Bon Iver. Will do a proper music post soon. Remind me.

photo:somewhere, via bryanboy


  1. lol, he's got humor! I kinda like that!

    good luck with your exams

  2. as you said- ah-may-zing.
    that also made me laugh.

  3. this piture is nice ! he's got a great sense of humor !

  4. now i'm gonna go and be annoying and make exactly one like this.

    on another note - i just stumbled upon your blog and i'm glad i'm such a curious little stalker because your blog really is so so so worth finding. i like it big time.

  5. That's such a hilarious picture. Good luck with the exam and the DIY!

  6. hehe
    he's a funny guy

    good luck with your exams!


  7. i discovered this photo as well recently and i find it rather amusing, i'm even thinking about making one with my name haha. i think marc jacobs has got a "marc who?" tee

  8. oh lagerfeld! so funny!

    loved your blog title. im totally addicted to caffeine too!


    hope you like my blog too!

  9. this is ridiculous! every song lyric you put as your title, i have some sort of story or sentimentality too!


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