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Tuesday, 16 June 2009

This is the world that we live in

I really can't believe I haven't seen these pictures before, I love Chloë Sevigny!

I know I said my exams were over, but actually I have two mocks left! English next week and art on Friday. I know it's only a mock, but I'm still so nervous about it! It's 5 hours long! x


  1. she looks fantastic!! i love her! good luck with your exams =)

  2. The braids are pretty. And although I don't know what a "mock" is, five hours seems like an awfully long time for some sort of exam.

    Good luck?

  3. I love the braids and the tights! These are so cute! Thanks for sharing.

    Good luck with the exams.

  4. Look at the tights. So cool! Hope to see more from you.;D

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  5. Re your comment: I was so surprised when you didn't know what smores are, but I suppose they're an American thing. You roast a marshmallow over a fire, so it gets a little toasty on the outside and warm and gooey on the inside. Then you put that between two graham crackers and some chocolate to make a sandwich. It's pretty delicious.

  6. don't worry about mocks.
    my cousin got Ds and Es in her mocks , but A*s in the end and now she goes to Oxford.
    haha good luck with Art (: , I take it too and that alwways makes e frkin nervous,

  7. That close up shot is so stunning!! And good luck with the mocks dear. I remember getting all C's in my mocks, but managed to get all A*s in the final thing. You'll be ok :)

  8. I think she looks gorgeous in that first photo!

  9. I love the first scan with her hair like that. I love her style as well!

    Good luck for your mocks. I remember doing my Art GCSE exam two years ago, 10 hours is a hell of a long time on paper, but when you get working, 10 hours just isn't enough :(

  10. great post title - i love that song!


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