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Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Happy endings, they never bore me.

Thanks for all your feedback on my last post, I'm actually amazed that I got thirtysomething comments! 

I'm going away to Cornwall with a few friends for a couple days now though, back soon! Hopefully I'll do a few more interesting posts when I get back, and I promise lots of beach pictures! What do you think of me doing a Q&A post? I don't know if I've got enough readers to really make it worthwhile, but if you have a question, fire away now haha.  Ciao x

photo:we heart it


  1. Have a wonderful trip!

    Have a Q & A. My question is; why did you start blogging?

  2. nice photo!
    ive made some comments abt exchanging links and stuff and you never replied to them :(

    q and a would be good...

  3. Have a great trip! This is such a cute photo. :)

  4. Hey girl. love your blog! are you on twitter? Check my blog when you get a chance, it links to my twitter as well. xoxo lots of blog sista love.

  5. Haha thanks for your comment and link! :)

  6. Hi friend.;D
    Have a great and wonderful trip.;D
    Make sure to bring you back with a lot of great picture of beaches..;D
    Btw,could it be possible to link my siye in your site?Thank you so much,i would really appreciate it.;D
    Q an A would be fun,i'm sure.;D

  7. Happy trip! :)
    Beach? AH that means you'll be tanned, right? Luckyyy!

  8. Hey!

    I just stumbled across your blog and I loved it :) Very cute...
    And yes, even if I just discovered the nice person you seem to be, I do have a question:
    What is (are) your(s) dreams ?

    Have a great trip, lovely!

  9. gorgeous photo!
    have a lovely few days off in cornwall
    it sounds lovely!

  10. awesome photo and nice blog :)


  11. Your blog is so lovely! I'd absolutely love to do a link exchange, of course :) I'll add you straight away! x


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