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Tuesday, 21 April 2009

I hear in my mind all this music, and it breaks my heart, and it breaks my heart

Here is my new flickr favourite, @Maco.  Each one of her pictures is absolutely beautiful.

My polaroid came today, I'm so excited about using it!


  1. What lovely pictures! I wish I could afford to buy a polaroid camera, they look like lots of fun :)

    Also, to get the ASOS magazine,I've had it since I ordered from there but I'm sure there must be a place on the site where you can request it!

  2. these are stunning, I especially love the second to last one.

    i really love your blog! stop by sometime.

  3. I love the flower ones.

    Good luck with your polaroids.

  4. oh! these pictures are the photographic equivalent of a cup of tea. they've made me feel all warm and fuzzzyyy

  5. Love those wonderful pictures.It makes me feel that there's still a peaceful in;D
    But i really like them.;D

  6. those photographs are beautiful, cant wait to see what you do with the polaroids :D

  7. Those photos are gorgeous, great picks!

    Also, I never used to like River Island but it's looking a lot better at the moment!

  8. I know, it has improved my life by A LOT. But it's also going to up my caffeine intake dangerously... I think I'll be on 5 cups a day or something. It might kill me.
    Polaroids are so excitiiing! Mine is my BABY. x

  9. i love that third picture. gorgeous.

  10. topshop sale launched today :)

    just spent WAY too much online this online in it, oops!

  11. amazing photos. they just put a smile on my face.

  12. Aww these are so beautiful :) Have fun with your polsaroid.

  13. Gorgeous pics! Ooh you got a polaroid? That's so fun...they must still be making film then?

  14. my godddd!! i love ur photos and the way u shots it ;))
    i follow ur blog too. check mine!

  15. wow! i love these photos!
    thanks for sharing

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