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Monday, 6 April 2009

Why don't you open up real tall, I am ready I am ready for a fall

I forgot how much I'm in love with Alexa Chung. I've only ever read Harper's Bazaar once, but this issue looks pretty good. Need to post OTHER celebrities in future though.

As you might be able to tell from the Hot Chip lyrics, am freakishly happy after a whole day of Spanish. How was your monday? x



  1. I love the last picture, how beautiful is the dress please!? Well my Monday was pretty fab, Im off now for 2 whole weeks, so a well deserved day infront of the telly was what happened :)

  2. that dress is to die forr! I love alexa chung haha my monday was good i basically slept and watched friends re-runs haha :)

  3. love that fluffy dress it is so big and beautiful xx

  4. oh those dresses are so beautiful!

  5. She is too beautiful!!
    Ahh jealous jealous jealous.

    And yay for Hot Chip (:

  6. Not a huge fan of her but she does look lovely in the big poofy tulle dresses. x

  7. Wow these are great pictures of her, although I'm not a huge fan. I have to agree she does look great!

  8. She's gorgeous and so are her outfits and photos in that editorial, but I honestly have no idea who she is!! haha

    xoxo, mavi

  9. gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous dress!!!!!

  10. I love this shoot! She looks nice in something a bit girly!


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