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Wednesday, 1 April 2009

measure stars in the back yard with a calculator and a ruler

I didn't realise until yesterday that I've had over 1200 clicks and 550 separate visitors, so thanks! A few more followers would be nice though (: Anyways I don't have a lot of time (well, fifteen minutes) before I have to go out, but here are two links I hope you'll like.

The Photographic Dictionary is amazing. I'll let the pictures explain how it works...
abandon - Mikhail Wassmer
doily - Teresa Frausin

kiss - Angus R. Shamal

platform - Peter Devan

no - Christian Brunnstrom

Also atm I'm really into Spotify. It works a bit like, only much faster and much easier to use. You can make your own playlists like on iTunes as well which is rather grand. I think I might post some when I work out how. Currently playing is 'The Lucky One', by Au Revoir Simone. Lovely (:


  1. i really like that last photo :) and sorry for the late reply from your comments! thank you for the award you gave me in an earlier post, and also i'd love to trade links once i get them properly sorted and down on the blog which shouldn't be in too long.

  2. I love the one of the platform.

    I think Spotify is great too, currently I'm playing 'Some surprise' by Gary Lightbody and Lisa Hannigan. Pretty!

  3. I love the pictures!
    The one on the platform is my favorite!
    lovely blog!

  4. That site looks really cool. I like summing up a photo in a single word.

  5. Hi there :)
    Cool blog :D
    I really like these pictures, especially the 1st one!

  6. Don't worry i am a follower of your blog, i love it! :) xx

  7. I've looked through the picture dictionary before too, and I love it. It's such a cool idea.

    Thanks for your comment!! I love your blog too :) I'm so jealous you live in England.. Haha
    I'd love to swap links if you'd like!

    xo, Kate

  8. Those pictures are really cool. thanks for sharing them. i love love love that song, stars, by au revoir simone! when i first heard it i had it on repeat for days.

    please check out mine!! :)

  9. i love the first photo thanks for sharing!

  10. I just checked out the Photographic Dictionary,
    That's so cool.
    I'll be sure to be going on it often now :)

    & do you want to exchange links?

  11. Thanks for publicing and liking my photo (last one)



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