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Sunday, 19 April 2009

Perfect weather to fly

I wore my new skirt today, but annoyingly I forgot to take some pictures. Don't have much time now though so here is a quick Topshop wishlist; just incase any bloggers out there want to buy me a birthday present for next week, haha.


  1. loved that last dress as well! on the new york end, finally visited the topshop on broadway and broome. loved it, but it was hugeee! good choices kate:)

  2. Oh I lovvve the floral dress! It looks perfect for spring.

  3. oh thank you, it's a bit better with me :] i looooove the last dress!

  4. Ahh thankyou! (: The dresses are really nice indeed, why don't we have a million dollar to spend? [; xoxo Winnie

  5. oh my gosh those dresses are gorgeous.
    thankyou thankyou thankyou for the comment dear :)
    yeaah, i'd love to have the invite code thing for lookbook :)
    and by the way i do have a new header thanks for noticing! :)
    thanks, becca xx

  6. I love the cut of those two dresses! Esp the floral one, perfect <3

  7. Haha, there's always that hope, right? Love the slouchy stripes.

  8. I want all of them!!! If you fancy buying me a 2 months early birthday present then i wouldnt say no either!! :)

  9. love the last dress. happy soon to be birthday!


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