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Monday, 6 April 2009

I asked you nicely once, I won't do that again

I just realised that was my 20th post. I am really rather happy now.
PS. I'm not actually going to bed now, I just thought this was super cute. If you really want to know, I'm off for a shower, then to go and watch my favourite trashy TV show, 90210 (:

PPS. Keep commenting on the last post!


  1. I love this picture. I just made it my desktop : )

  2. Haha I love owls. I think my owl ring collection stands at 16 now ;P

    I love ur blog, I'm just starting out with my fashion blog. I want it to grow into something about Melbourne teen fashion.. I would love you to check it out and maybe give me some tips or swap links? let me know it'd b great!

    ty. x.

  3. haha 90210, my guilty TV pleasure. Super cute picture! x

  4. haha really? i think its the comfiest cardy ever andd my shoes are from matalan :) £10 haha cute pic!

  5. oh thanks!
    your blog is fantastic too!
    i'm sorry.. I don't speak english, but I understand you haha :)

  6. Congrats on the 20th post! I watched 90210 too haha but I can't anymore.. It's too bizarre.

  7. awwww that picture is really cute, and about the last post, don't you just love how fresh and pretty the picks are.
    Great blog.
    Rianna Bethany xxxxxxxxxxxx


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